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Isn't it almost every guy/girl's dream to get a medium to full coverage foundation that matches their skin tone perfectly,that's worth every single penny and oh let's not forget the "a foundation that blends like a dream" wish? Well hello there,I'm also one of those people that want their foundation to be perfect no matter how much pricey or cheap it is.

Drug store makeup brands like Milani are really stepping up their game by launching products that's literally worth every penny,I had honestly never tried any drug store foundation until the Milani's conceal + perfect 2-in-1 foundation + concealer caught my attention.I have heard so many good things about this foundation and I finally thought to try it out.
The foundation is worth $10 and I got the shade 03 Light Beige.I actually got the wrong shade ha,I asked my friend for a shade that'd be similar to my skin tone but looks like she got the wrong one.Anyways,the shade is a little bit lighter than my actual skin tone but I worked my way through it and have been using it for like a month now.


 I really like the packaging,It's very simple and nice.The pump thing is actually cool too like I never really have problem with it.I have seen foundations with the pump-thing packaging and sometimes the pump stops working and its just annoying because boy you wouldn't want anyone disturb/annoy you when you're doing your makeup but when a certain makeup product doesn't cooperate with you it just gets 100x worse (I really hope that actually made some sense and y'all got my point) but anyways let's get back to the packaging:I really really like it even tho it's pretty common now.


You guys have no idea how much excited I was to try it and when I finally got it,I used it the VERY next day because I had to go out.
It is a medium-to-full coverage foundation.I took a little amount of it the very first time I used it.I didn't like it at first because I thought it didn't exactly cover my freaking imperfections like my littley-wittley dark under eyes,acne spots etc etc.Later,I go to knew that it was a medium to full coverage foundation and I probably didn't even blend it right (yes i'm blaming it on myself because I wasn't in the mood to go out that day and I just wanted to get over the whole thing.then a week later,I went to my cousin's marriage ceremony and guess what! THE FOUNDATION FREAKING SLAYED! my mother asked me if she could use some of the foundation and i was like "yeah,why not?" , just believe me when I say this guys EVERYONE and when I mean EVERYONE I REALLY MEAN EVERYONE,kept asking what foundation I was wearing and what's that "magical product" that's making your skin look so amazing?Man was I flattered as hell. 

The foundation blended out perfectly,it wasn't cakey. The consistency of this foundation is just perfect.I love the freaking formula and even when I went full coverage with this foundation it felt so light-weight on my face like I can't even explain I swear,the foundation itself feels so expensive and luxurious even tho its FREAKING $10 ONLY!!!!

and guess what? 

my mother is sooooo in love with this foundation like every time she has to go somewhere,she'll come to me and be like "Hey,can you hand me that magical thing real quick?" and I'm like "um,okay" I swear I am running out of this foundation so fast and its not even my perfect shade just imagine how fast I'd run out of it if I have THE perfect shade? I'd definitely repurchase it and this time in the right shade lol.

So yas,Milani Cosmetics I do give you a thumbs up for this holy product.I feel like no foundation can take it's place.That being said I really look forward to try out the rest of Milani Cosmetics products. xx

Q-What is/are your favorite drug store foundation/foundations?

                              **I didn't get paid or anything to do this review,all opinions are my very own**

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  1. Honestly, I never buy anything BUT drugstore foundation because I'm too lazy to make a special trip to the shops downtown. So it's good to know that this is such an excellent option! I'm sort of tired of the mineral powder I use.


  2. It's great to hear that drug store brands are producing such amazing products these days, round of applause to Milani for impressing you so much! How nice that you received so many compliments on it too, that's the sign of a fantastic look! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey πŸŒΈπŸ’•

  3. I'm actually looking for a new foundation as mine has just run out and I want to give something new a go and this sounds perfect! I've never tried anything from Milani before but it sounds like a great brand and not silly expensive. xx

  4. I haven't tried anything from Milani yet but it's ok my "to do" list. My fave drugstore brand is NYX! I love trying new foundations but I keep going back to my Double Wear hehe


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