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Riri mama has been slaying the game in fashion industry ever since she did a collab with Puma. (Fenty x Puma). The collab itself did great. The clothing and foot-wear was amazing.I myself fell in love with the Fenty fur slides like holy moly,they were so soft and every time i walk wearing them it feels like i'm walking on clouds lol.

But anyways, Rihanna recently changed the whole game when she announced that shes coming out with a Fenty makeup line. (Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian should definitely watch out now lol)
Now let's tell y'all about the products that are included in the Fenty Beauty Line.


Fenty Beauty is coming out with a Velvet/Soft matte longwear foundation which is available in...GUESS HOW MANY SHADES?? 5? NO 8? NOO 10? NOOO 20? NOOOO.THERE ARE UPTO 40 (FORTY) FREAKING SHADES. Fenty Beauty literally changed the freaking game.I don't remember more than a couple high-e nd makeup brands coming out with that many foundation shades and my heart is so happy because of this right now because I'm brown and its just sooo hard to find the correct shade for me,the shades are either a little light or a little dark for me and believe me you don't want to know how annoying that is!
 Oh also the foundation will be $39 each. I personally love how she didnt went over board with the price for a high-end foundation the price is just perfect!


Fenty Beauty will also be coming out with a Primer which will be worth $37 (its literally a dollar more than the Smashbox photo finish primer $36) I have really high expectations for this primer because yo girl wouldn't want to spend $37 if its trash.


The Fenty Beauty by Rihanna will also be coming out with a mattifying powder which will come with a small pocket brush (suprise,suprise!) for little touch ups and stuff. The value of this mattifying powder is $27 which IS NOT that bad. Again,the price for this product seems okay to me.


I am actually really very excited for this!! Issa cream illuminating shimmer skinstick. It will be available in 10 shades.I have been obsessed with trying out creamy formulated illuminating STICKS lately so I got a little heart attack when I saw about this product.Hopefully,I like it. The value of this Match Stix would be $28 


An illuminating Compact powder which will be available in 6 shades.It's value is $39 (same as the Pro filt'r foundation)


And last but not the least..A Universal lip illuminator!!! ever since the start of 2016 I gave a shot to glosses and believe me I fell in love with em.They have been my holy grail now so I'm thrilled to try the gloss bomb by fenty beauty.I watched a few small teasers/clipped on the official fenty beauty twitter page and I fell in love with how beauty it looks! The universal lip illuminator will be worth $20

                                                              look at that highlight and look at em lips!!

Well Kaboon!! thats' it haha, if you're interested in buying anything then head to your local @sephora @harveynichols on the 8th of September for in-store launch times! Or just head to FENTYBEAUTY.COM (it starts shipping globally on Sep 8 at MIDNIGHT!!)to buy the collection online! 

P.s: I love Rihanna,shes my mom.she never disappoints us so I'm honestly beyond thrilled to see what else she has in store for us. Also Fenty Beauty is cruelty free too so she really did THAT.

BY THE WAY: Do make sure to be on time when Fenty Beauty launches because it has already been declared that the products will sell out in an hour or so.

Are you excited for the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna launch?Would you be getting anything?Please do let me know in the comments below,your feedback means the world to me! -Pakiimudoll xx

                         **all photos used in this blog post belong to their respective owners**


Tarte Releases New Blush Book Starring 7 New Blushes + 1 Highlighter

10:39 AM

Looks like Christmas has come really very early for us since Tarte Cosmetics released their Blush Book III.Their previous blush books I and II both sold out within hours and looks like the same thing will happen with this Blush book III.

This blush book consists of 7 of their full-size Amazonian clay blushes and a very pretty highlighter! The palette is worth $60 even though this is a $200+ 
value,amazing right? The blushes and highlighter names are mentioned below:

-heated (hot coral)
-lavish (coral)
-poised (pink)
-mindful (nude pink)
-peachy (peach)
-rad (hot pink)
-kindred (cool nude)
-spirited (champagne highlight)

oh and last but not the least,this palette is a part of Tarte's 2017 Holiday Collection

Buy the blush book III here: Tarte Big Blush Book III



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Isn't it almost every guy/girl's dream to get a medium to full coverage foundation that matches their skin tone perfectly,that's worth every single penny and oh let's not forget the "a foundation that blends like a dream" wish? Well hello there,I'm also one of those people that want their foundation to be perfect no matter how much pricey or cheap it is.

Drug store makeup brands like Milani are really stepping up their game by launching products that's literally worth every penny,I had honestly never tried any drug store foundation until the Milani's conceal + perfect 2-in-1 foundation + concealer caught my attention.I have heard so many good things about this foundation and I finally thought to try it out.
The foundation is worth $10 and I got the shade 03 Light Beige.I actually got the wrong shade ha,I asked my friend for a shade that'd be similar to my skin tone but looks like she got the wrong one.Anyways,the shade is a little bit lighter than my actual skin tone but I worked my way through it and have been using it for like a month now.


 I really like the packaging,It's very simple and nice.The pump thing is actually cool too like I never really have problem with it.I have seen foundations with the pump-thing packaging and sometimes the pump stops working and its just annoying because boy you wouldn't want anyone disturb/annoy you when you're doing your makeup but when a certain makeup product doesn't cooperate with you it just gets 100x worse (I really hope that actually made some sense and y'all got my point) but anyways let's get back to the packaging:I really really like it even tho it's pretty common now.


You guys have no idea how much excited I was to try it and when I finally got it,I used it the VERY next day because I had to go out.
It is a medium-to-full coverage foundation.I took a little amount of it the very first time I used it.I didn't like it at first because I thought it didn't exactly cover my freaking imperfections like my littley-wittley dark under eyes,acne spots etc etc.Later,I go to knew that it was a medium to full coverage foundation and I probably didn't even blend it right (yes i'm blaming it on myself because I wasn't in the mood to go out that day and I just wanted to get over the whole thing.then a week later,I went to my cousin's marriage ceremony and guess what! THE FOUNDATION FREAKING SLAYED! my mother asked me if she could use some of the foundation and i was like "yeah,why not?" , just believe me when I say this guys EVERYONE and when I mean EVERYONE I REALLY MEAN EVERYONE,kept asking what foundation I was wearing and what's that "magical product" that's making your skin look so amazing?Man was I flattered as hell. 

The foundation blended out perfectly,it wasn't cakey. The consistency of this foundation is just perfect.I love the freaking formula and even when I went full coverage with this foundation it felt so light-weight on my face like I can't even explain I swear,the foundation itself feels so expensive and luxurious even tho its FREAKING $10 ONLY!!!!

and guess what? 

my mother is sooooo in love with this foundation like every time she has to go somewhere,she'll come to me and be like "Hey,can you hand me that magical thing real quick?" and I'm like "um,okay" I swear I am running out of this foundation so fast and its not even my perfect shade just imagine how fast I'd run out of it if I have THE perfect shade? I'd definitely repurchase it and this time in the right shade lol.

So yas,Milani Cosmetics I do give you a thumbs up for this holy product.I feel like no foundation can take it's place.That being said I really look forward to try out the rest of Milani Cosmetics products. xx

Q-What is/are your favorite drug store foundation/foundations?

                              **I didn't get paid or anything to do this review,all opinions are my very own**



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Tarte came out with their Rainforest Of The Sea Collection in 2016 I guess.The collection included both makeup and skincare.So,the deep dive cleansing gel is one of the products that was included in the collection.I made a huge purchase on sephora,including a Travel set (I tried to find the link on sephora but I couldn't find it,looks like they discontinued it)But here's the same kit,the only difference is that the one I bought was worth $39 and the Tarte Radiance Ritual Travel Set is worth $32.The set includes: rainforest of the sea deep dive cleansing gel,maracuja oil,Amazonian Clay 12-hour highlighter in exposed (My set had a blush), RFOTS Drench Lip splash lipstick in Cabana Boy and RFOTS Marine boosting mist.

Anyways lets just get back to my review on the RFOTS Deep Dive Cleansing gel.It is a daily brightening facial cleanser and a waterproof makeup remover (sounds amazing,right?).It has lavender oil in it which makes it 100 times better for me.Like every time I use it I specifically smell it at least 10x times because the smell is really that much relaxing. if you have sensitive skin and you get breakouts easily especially by anything lavender then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!!

It is used for all skin types that's exactly why I wanted to try it.I had never tried any skin care product from Tarte until I bought this kit.


Literally 10/10 for the packaging.The rainforest of the sea deep dive cleansing gel comes in sea themed purple color.I love purple so for me they really nailed it with the theme and the color.


I started using it like a month ago when I was on a search to try out some new cleansers and I have been using it ever since that time now.I wanted to try gel cleansers because I had never tried them before so when I saw the kit having a gel cleanser infused with lavender oil,I just had to buy it boy!I'm literally just waiting to run out of these travel sized bottles I have and after that I'll definitely purchase a full-sized bottle.It doesn't only removes my makeup but brightens up my skin.My skin has been feeling so soft and good lately only because of this cleanser. If you're on a hunt to try out some new cleansers that actually work then I'd 100% recommend the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel.

Questions:Have you ever tried the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel?What do you think about it?If you haven't tried it yet are you willing to buy it?


ABH Cosmetics


7:43 AM

Yesterday on the 15th of August,one of my all-time favorite brands ABH cosmetics released their full fall collection.Which includes their new matte lipsticks in a lot of different shades from neutrals to a vibrant blue shade etc.

Here's a picture of some of the shades of their matte lipstick collection:


It also includes the new Subculture palette,yes the one which is still getting mixed reviews from almost everyone.(I've been wanting to write a review on it so let me know in the comments below if you guys would want one).

I personally feel like its one of the their best palettes ever,yes it has a little bit of fall out but some people are exaggerating.the colors are blendable and beautiful. As one of the favorite youtubers 'KathleenLights' said: "maybe some people got a batch thats why their palettes dont have much fall out" 
If you want to get your hands on that palette then wait until the whole drama about "so much fall out" comes to an end.Then hopefully you can get a good palette that has much less fall out and the colors are build able. 

Here's the ABH Subculture Palette:


ABH Cosmetics almost gave me a heart attack when they decided to come out with their Liquid Highlighters! Like they already slay their game when it comes to their glowkits but now they completely decided to change the game and told everyone who the boss is when it comes to glow,glow and GLOW.The fall collection also includes these liquid highlighters.

Here's a picture of some of their Liquid Highlighters


AREN'T THEY BEAUTIFUL?I really like 'em all but I'm in love with Perla and Oyster. I think they're my absolute favorite.

And now last but not the least!!!The fall collection consists of  ONE OF MY FAVORITE GLOW KITS,The Moonchild Glow kit!!!

The moonchild glow kit is worth $40 it consists of 6 (six) beautiful metallic shades;
Blue Ice - Diamond white with an icy blue reflect 
Star - A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflectPurple Horseshoe - A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect Pink Heart - Pearl white with a pink opal reflect Lucky Clover - A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect Blue Moon - Frozen blue with a silver reflect

Here's a picture of the Moonchild Glow kit:


Some swatches of the Moonchild Glow kit:


I have used this palette so much to create different dramatic yet simple looks on my sister lol. It never disappointed me.Just because I love ABH cosmetics I recently ordered their aurora glow kit (yup,moonchild's sister) and I am really excited to use it,if possible I'll do a review and swatches of it too.


Looks like you've come to an end of this blog now haha. Are you guys looking forward to buy to the ABH Fall Collection?Which product do you like the most from the collection?

Like,comment and subscribe to get notified each time I post a blog.So much love.xx 

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Becca cosmetics is one of the most hyped makeup brands of all the time,It's been known for its amazing products.From their highlighters to their foundations,lets not forget their most latest collaboration with the Queen Herself Chrissy Teigen. The BeccaXChrissy face palette took the makeup world by storm.

Becca Cosmetics recent vote battle has left me a little shakey,they are coming out with new #LE highlighters in the most amazing shades I have ever seen.Well if you don't believe me check it out by yourself 

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to Smoky Quartz and Golden Mint!!!!!

If you have already selected your favorite then don't forget to vote for it. I'm honestly 50% #TeamSmokyQuartz and 50% #TeamGoldenMint 

I can't wait to get my hands on these highlighting beauties. Soo ready to slay everyone by glowing like a goddess!!



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Hey Guys so,

It's no surprise to anyone now that Holiday season is just around the corner.I don't know about you but at least it's no surprise to me haha. Anyways holiday season means new makeup new makeup AND NEW MAKEUP!!! now that has been said one of my favorite makeup brands are once again coming out with their bomb new makeup for Holiday Season.It's the Rain Forest Of The Sea Holiday Collection.

Click ME to check out a little sneak peek of Tarte Cosmetics Rain forest of the Sea holiday collection

New eye shadow palette,new blush palettes lipsticks and much more!! Also check out the amazing new packaging and layout. looks like Tarte Cosmetics is ready to slay us all once again with this amazing Collection.
What are your thoughts on this?


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