Tarte Releases New Blush Book Starring 7 New Blushes + 1 Highlighter

10:39 AM

Looks like Christmas has come really very early for us since Tarte Cosmetics released their Blush Book III.Their previous blush books I and II both sold out within hours and looks like the same thing will happen with this Blush book III.

This blush book consists of 7 of their full-size Amazonian clay blushes and a very pretty highlighter! The palette is worth $60 even though this is a $200+ 
value,amazing right? The blushes and highlighter names are mentioned below:

-heated (hot coral)
-lavish (coral)
-poised (pink)
-mindful (nude pink)
-peachy (peach)
-rad (hot pink)
-kindred (cool nude)
-spirited (champagne highlight)

oh and last but not the least,this palette is a part of Tarte's 2017 Holiday Collection

Buy the blush book III here: Tarte Big Blush Book III

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  1. Tarte seems to be the best brand! Like everything they do is a hit! This palette looks so so nice! I am a fan! xx corinne


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