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Riri mama has been slaying the game in fashion industry ever since she did a collab with Puma. (Fenty x Puma). The collab itself did great. The clothing and foot-wear was amazing.I myself fell in love with the Fenty fur slides like holy moly,they were so soft and every time i walk wearing them it feels like i'm walking on clouds lol.

But anyways, Rihanna recently changed the whole game when she announced that shes coming out with a Fenty makeup line. (Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian should definitely watch out now lol)
Now let's tell y'all about the products that are included in the Fenty Beauty Line.


Fenty Beauty is coming out with a Velvet/Soft matte longwear foundation which is available in...GUESS HOW MANY SHADES?? 5? NO 8? NOO 10? NOOO 20? NOOOO.THERE ARE UPTO 40 (FORTY) FREAKING SHADES. Fenty Beauty literally changed the freaking game.I don't remember more than a couple high-e nd makeup brands coming out with that many foundation shades and my heart is so happy because of this right now because I'm brown and its just sooo hard to find the correct shade for me,the shades are either a little light or a little dark for me and believe me you don't want to know how annoying that is!
 Oh also the foundation will be $39 each. I personally love how she didnt went over board with the price for a high-end foundation the price is just perfect!


Fenty Beauty will also be coming out with a Primer which will be worth $37 (its literally a dollar more than the Smashbox photo finish primer $36) I have really high expectations for this primer because yo girl wouldn't want to spend $37 if its trash.


The Fenty Beauty by Rihanna will also be coming out with a mattifying powder which will come with a small pocket brush (suprise,suprise!) for little touch ups and stuff. The value of this mattifying powder is $27 which IS NOT that bad. Again,the price for this product seems okay to me.


I am actually really very excited for this!! Issa cream illuminating shimmer skinstick. It will be available in 10 shades.I have been obsessed with trying out creamy formulated illuminating STICKS lately so I got a little heart attack when I saw about this product.Hopefully,I like it. The value of this Match Stix would be $28 


An illuminating Compact powder which will be available in 6 shades.It's value is $39 (same as the Pro filt'r foundation)


And last but not the least..A Universal lip illuminator!!! ever since the start of 2016 I gave a shot to glosses and believe me I fell in love with em.They have been my holy grail now so I'm thrilled to try the gloss bomb by fenty beauty.I watched a few small teasers/clipped on the official fenty beauty twitter page and I fell in love with how beauty it looks! The universal lip illuminator will be worth $20

                                                              look at that highlight and look at em lips!!

Well Kaboon!! thats' it haha, if you're interested in buying anything then head to your local @sephora @harveynichols on the 8th of September for in-store launch times! Or just head to FENTYBEAUTY.COM (it starts shipping globally on Sep 8 at MIDNIGHT!!)to buy the collection online! 

P.s: I love Rihanna,shes my mom.she never disappoints us so I'm honestly beyond thrilled to see what else she has in store for us. Also Fenty Beauty is cruelty free too so she really did THAT.

BY THE WAY: Do make sure to be on time when Fenty Beauty launches because it has already been declared that the products will sell out in an hour or so.

Are you excited for the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna launch?Would you be getting anything?Please do let me know in the comments below,your feedback means the world to me! -Pakiimudoll xx

                         **all photos used in this blog post belong to their respective owners**

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